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Hempyre Genetics, LLC is an advanced research company with a primary focused on Industrial Hemp. Our scope includes genetics to cultivation, research and development of new technologies & applications

Hempyre Genetics has partnered with Northwestern Oklahoma State University on project “Hemp for Victory” to acquire Cannabis genetics left over from the industrial hemp farming that took place in Oklahoma during the 1930’s and 40’s. This project began in April of 2018 with the identification of multiple locations across Oklahoma that contained remnants of industrial hemp planted decades ago. Hempyre Genetics is actively seeking out these lost cultivars, documenting them, verifying them, and ultimately certifying the genetics as industrial hemp within Oklahoma regulations. The new cultivars will be certified as industrial hemp through the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture and Forestry. Once these new strains are registered, Hempyre Genetics will be able to cultivate and breed them with our proprietary high CBD strains. The offspring of the landrace cultivars and our high-CBD cultivars will be propagated by Hempyre Genetics and made ready for sale by seed or clone. Hempyre Genetics high-CBD strains crossed with the Oklahoma landrace strains will produce a plant that will be highly sought after by farmers across Oklahoma. This will include strains that are high in fiber, hurd, cannabinoids (mainly CBD), and terpenoids/flavonoids. Hempyre Genetics will also offer a wide variety of strains to meet the needs of the environment that the farmers work in. Our consultants are working across Oklahoma to identify the best environment for each genetic variety we cultivate. This data collected by our consultants will help us inform the farmers about which varieties are ideal for their environment. We believe that our industrial hemp genetics will be the Oklahoma farmers most successful crop. 

What does Hempyre Genetics DO?
  • Provide certified clones/seedling for indoor high CBD operations.
  • Facilitate the certification of outside or heritage cultivar.
  • Develop new cultivar for targeted applications.
  • Provide certified seed to farmers.
  • Development of university research programs and consulting for economics and industry.
  • Provide university accredited research for specified applications.
  • Provide certified seed for programs
  • Consulting Services

Our Team

The list of personnel below are the persons that will be jointly working in the oversight of the companies Agricultural Hemp Research Project.

Ryan Early

CEO, Hempyre Genetics

8101 S. I-35 Service Rd.
Oklahoma city, OK 73149

Office: 405.225.1611

Korbin Hand

Program Director

8101 S. I-35 Service Rd.
Oklahoma city, OK 73149

Office: 405.225.1611 ext 110